Calul Bălan is a gracious host, inviting you to enjoy delicious dishes and fine wines in a fairytale setting. Here, magical moments are woven into your holidays. 

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Sergiana HORECA
Romanian Cuisine
Ceasu' Rău Restaurant
Romanian Cuisine
2 Dining Halls

Ceasu' Rău marks Sergiana's first foray into the hospitality industry, and 1999 was the moment when this debut occurred. Overnight, the terrace taken over by Sergiana went from neglect to become one of the sought-after spots in the city. Regardless of the season, the place always seemed too small for those who wanted to dine here. Today, the spacious areas, the result of successive renovations and improvements, have transformed the restaurant into a charming location that has retained its friendly atmosphere.

Ceasu' Rău was Sergiana's first successful bet in the Horeca sector, with its strengths being the promotion of Romanian cuisine, even in a homely variant, and quality products. Thus, the reference for Ceasu' Rău has been and still is 'JUST LIKE HOME!'

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