Calul Bălan is a gracious host, inviting you to enjoy delicious dishes and fine wines in a fairytale setting. Here, magical moments are woven into your holidays. 

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Sergiana HORECA
Romanian and International Cuisine
Casa Tudor Restaurant
Romanian and International Cuisine
3 Dining Halls
2 Private Rooms

Opened in 2003, Casa Tudor quickly captured the public's attention, and the level achieved after extensive renovation in 2015 marked a local milestone in the environmental expression of HoReCa establishments.

The restaurant borrowed the structure and comfort of an entire manor tailored for hospitality, with traditional elements blending into modern expressions that adorn this exceptional place.

Here, Romanian cuisine proudly stands alongside specialties from around the world. The seafood section is well-defined, while the generous grill not only offers traditional options but also a rendezvous with delicious Angus cuts. In any season, at Casa Tudor, everything is good and tasty!

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