Calul Bălan is a gracious host, inviting you to enjoy delicious dishes and fine wines in a fairytale setting. Here, magical moments are woven into your holidays. 

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Sergiana Grup expresses itself in the hospitality industry through ten restaurants and an event center.


Each location is defined by specific attributes, the network thus launching a generous and varied offer that starts from traditional Romanian cuisine, continues with international cuisine delicacies, up to current urban accents, with pizza and bistro menus.

The stars of the network are the locations with a traditional profile, the Transylvanian restaurant in the center of Brasov, positioning the Sergiana brand for many years on the national podium of the Traditional Romanian Restaurants category, and Stâna Turistica has a dizzying ascent, three years after its inauguration, in 2022, entering the Top 5 in the same category. But the reputation of the chain's restaurants has long since crossed borders, all of them acquiring certificates of excellence from the international organization Trip Advisor.

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